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Exams in 2022

The government has told us that next year, students will return to sitting exams, but because they recognise that students have faced disruption over the last two years, the exams will include measures to make sure they aren’t disadvantaged.

Adaptations to exams are likely to include:


  • A choice of topics or content on which students will be assessed 
  • Providing advance information on the focus of exams to support students’ revision 
  • Giving students formulae sheets in GCSE maths and revised equation sheets in GCSE combined science and physics.
  • Changing requirements for practical science work and practical art and design assessments to ensure fairness.

Contingency planning:

All of this, of course, might change if the pandemic were to worsen again, but we will keep you informed of any changes as soon as we can. 

You can read the full information about exam arrangements for 2022 on the government website.